Saturday, 4 February 2017

Virat Kohli: "I was Taking a lot of Advice from MS"

Virat Kohli could not have asked for a better initiation into full-time captaincy than a series win in both the ODIs and T20Is by identical 2-1 margins.
 That he had India's most successful captain MS Dhoni to guide him in challenging situations has only made him wiser.
Kohli was seen discussing with Dhoni at various points in this series, even if means running from his position at long off to the wicketkeeper and running back to his spot. That Kohli is eager to learn was also evident.
By his own admission after clinching the T20 series in Bengaluru on Wednesday night, Kohli said: "I was taking a lot of advice from MS. I was also talking a lot to Ashish Nehra. 
I have captained in Tests for a while. But ODI and T20 cricket moves very fast. A guy who has done captaincy for so long understands the game very well. It's never a bad idea to take his suggestions at crucial times in the game. I followed my instinct a lot of times.
Whenever I needed, I have gone and discussed with him."
Kohli gave an instance from the third T20 to prove a point of collective minds benefitting the team. "After that over from Chahal, I was thinking of giving Hardik Pandya another over. Instead, Dhoni and Nehra suggested that let's not wait till the 19th over and instead bring on the main bowler back.
"These kinds of things always help you as captain who is starting in shorter formats. But I am not new to captaincy but at the same time, it is a balance of understanding the skills that are needed to captain in shorter format that MS has been helping me a lot."
Irrespective of who captains, it is the responsibility individuals take towards the team's success that makes Kohli happy.
"The talks we have in the change room is on the basis of taking every day as an opportunity when we step on the field. It doesn't matter if I am captain or Mahi. 
The talk is always to take responsibility as individuals. That is the reason we have bounced back from tough situations because we have always kept the team's goals in our head before doing anything. And, that's why you see special performances from guys who haven't played so many games.
"The urge to win games for the team pushes them to limits which they don't otherwise realise about themselves. The eventual goal has not been personal performances but to win games for Team India."
With the long series against England finally coming to an end, Kohli was pleased with the series results in all the three formats. "We got the results we wanted. Obviously, winning all three series (4-0 in Tests, 2-1 each in ODIs and T20s) feels really, really good because we were up against a top quality side.
"We understand that and to come on top after the end of all three series is a great feeling altogether, knowing that we didn't have that much experience in our teams. 
The Test team is almost as good as new. Even in the one-day circuit, we have three or four experienced guys but rest who stepped up are all youngsters. Which is I think is a massive, massive boost for Indian cricket."
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